Saab = Dead to me. Brewpa is the new deal

So the saab is dead to me.  Literally.  it died.  Lost oil pressure and went toes up.  so we got new car(s) and built a new race car.

it started with a CL post for a pair of suparas for $800.  Mike and I botght them.  Straight up. 

We then stripped the black car (got a black and a white car) because it smelled like a dead dog.  The white one we could sell again so it was the big non race car winner.  Took the engine out and played with it a little bit…took all the performace parts off both cars (alum driveshaft, hight flow exhaus, etc) and put them in the black car.  Then we drank a bunch of shiner and this happened. 

This is the logo.  Myria did the art work.  It is bad a.  I am trying get t shirts made.  See how it looks like the shiner logo?  That was intentional.

This is the hood.  It is all shiner caps.  It is also badass.

Here is the side of the car.  Front cladded with cans; back with boxes.  It is also badass.

Detail of the cans.  We be drinkin some shiner.



This guy is the master of the universe when it comes to fuel pumps.  if you need a fuel pump, I don’t care what kind of car you have, he will set you up with a walbro pump to fit any need.



last year race pics

here are some photos from last years race.  the look of the car is 10000x better now.



LeMons Round #2 – Ready to Go.

Long time since a post, but here is is.  We are doing Gat-O-Rama again.  Still no 5 second car for under 10K, but whatever.  i have a real racecar.

Little update on where we are today, then I will fill in how we got there.  here is the final product with aero, modified springs, in running condition.


Ready to Rock.


So here is how we got there.  Last week i pulled the car back into the garage to do a status check.  pretty much had not moved since the last race, it was in bad shape.  Tried to fire it up and had a stinking fuel pump issue.  Went out to APEUSA.com and picked up a walbro.  They know how to treat their customers.  If you need a fuel pump, please, for the love of all things holy go to APEUSA.com and order a pump.  he sets you up right.  Apparently, the SAAB 900’s are set up just like a DeLorian…fuel pump wise.  He set me up and i dropped it in friday night.  I had a couple minor modifications to the filler box, but it went in without a hitch.


The new walbro pump


Matt Carr, Tim and Mike Deck come out and we started in on the suspension.  I put mike in charge of the rear springs first and he cleaned house.  Seriously knocked out the rear springs in no time flat.


Drilling a hole to see what is going on up above



Cutting down the springs. Yes, he has safety glasses on.


Matt and tim started on the glass.  by the end of the evening, all the glass was back in the car minus the driver and passenger front windows.  We think that the windows will help our aero.  Really just a theory, not really sure what it will end up doing.


Race car parts.


Matt and Tim also pulled out the old airbox and put in a sweet air filter.  it is shiny and blue.  It will help us go faster.

Saturday morning i started in on the CV joints.  I thought i was going to be able to get it done without taking the hubs out, but i figured that it would be easier to pull the whole thing out because mike had already taken the front springs out.  Mike was the spring master…if it looks better because the car is lowered, thank Mike.


This is where the front wheel is supposed to go. It is all apart.



this is the jig i made to take the hub bolts out. it worked like a charm; hub bolts came out with zero drama.


Tim was a champ with the bearing grease.  he went under the car and killed it with the grease, the new boots went in and the grease is fully packed.  it was a mess.  The tripod bearings are ready to go because the boots were not blown out.  The passenger CV was toast, there was a blown bearing in there and i could hear what was causing the clicking at the end of the last race.  I am very happy we replaced them.

All the while, matt was installing the front fearing and rear spoiler.  the thing looks sick and it is way solid.


Front splitter. It may help with undercar turbulence. Even if it doesn't work, it looks killer.



The wing. it looks excellent on the car.



this installation is being done by professionals.



it is a real race car now. i installed a plate in front of the radiator to protect it, but this splitter looks legit.


It looks like we are ready to go.  The car runs strong, aero is taken car of , couple small things to take care of (stickers, cleaning it up) but we are pretty good to go now.  bring on the green flag.


I know i already posted this picture, but it just looks way better now. freaking born from jets.



When I grow up I’m going to be a REAL race car!!

These pics were from LG Morotsports from saturday.  If you have a corvette, go order somehting from these guys.  Or have them put a twin turbo in your Z06.  Best money you could spend.  Or just go there and gawk.  Thats all I did saturday.


Ok- now to the juicy parts.  



The headlight would bust the $500 limit

img_0929-large3when I grow up I want to be a real race car!


Making magic


Will you be my valentine?   Even though there was a killer car right behind him, Columbus had only one thing on his min.  Ranger aint no hussy – she bit the crap out of him when he tried his moves.



All packed up and ready to head back to the busted knuckle



Making a mess at the ‘rent’s house.


These last two pics have nothing to do with race cars.


Ranch Dog!


(Bacon Explosion)*2


Well there’s your problem.

I took the head off tonight.  Valves are not supposed to look like this!  Luckily, there is no damage to the cylinders and they are zeroed out at the top of block at TDC so that makes me happy.  When you use your impact wrench to take off valve cover bolts, intake manifold bolts, etc….the teardown only takes about 45 min.  Oh, and using the instructions from thesaabsite.com.  That was a key development.  Who would have thunk reading the directions would help??  



that aint right (note the gear on the left is missing the tab in the middle.  This is high yield steel boys and girls…that is raw power shearing that (I did get the piece out of the engine.  Thank god for small favors))




that aint right either!  I have about 8 of these.  (Note the gap between the bottom of the valve and the head.  It is supposed to sit flush.  It isn’t)


We have miles to go before we sleep.


This car has turned into a very time sensitive project.  It all started on the first work weekend in January; Padre and I made good progress.  We installed all the safety gear (kill switch, conduit, etc) and put the fans on a separate circuit.  We also installed a temp gauge as the factory one was out and decided to heat the car up to see how it worked.  Because we had been messing with the battery wires, they were hanging loose in the engine compartment.  The car started to get some good heat in it- we were close to the 180 deg mark when there was an explosion under the hood.  We hit the kill switch (it worked great) and took a look to see where the smoke was coming from.  Apparently, the insulation melted around the hot wire and we grounded it against the exhaust manifold.  I repaired it but couldn’t get the car started after that; thinking I killed the ignition control unit.  While watching the Superbowl, I thought it may be a bad ground connection.  As soon as I got home, I disconnected the grounds, refreshed the connection surfaces and reinstalled.  We were ready to races.  Or so I thought.


The next weekend was supposed to be a check- we took it to a friend who has messed with the 900’s since they came out in 1978.  We popped the hood and started a list of items to be addressed before we get it on the track.  Have you ever been to a Mass where they do the full on litany of Saints, going on for 10 or 15 min?  That’s how I felt about the “to-do” list.  And the cage wasn’t even in yet.  We didn’t touch the car the rest of the weekend, too much real life going on.


I hauled the car up to LG motorsports last Tuesday night to get the cage put in.  They were racing their own deadline- their car had to be loaded and on the road to NC in a week.  So priorities at the shop were not skewed to my favor; they had to button up a $250K racecar, I neede3d a cage in my $0.5K racecar.  By this last Saturday, they had it bent and welded up and did an incredible job.  We will have the nicest cage of anyone on the track.  I was worthless in the built process; I handed Louis a big hammer once.  That was it.  Their shop dog, Columbus, thought that Ranger would be a good Valentine’s Day date.  She was not.  He tried a couple moves on her and she bit him.  He was persistent, but alas, it was not meant to be.  He and I have much in common…..


Saturday night Padre and I dig into the list.  We are making good progress on it and knock out a bunch of important things, taking out unnecessary wiring, getting the timing right (I did that), tuning the suspension, tightening up the hydro system, etc.  Midnight came and we called it quits.  Sunday we were right back on it finishing up the list.  We did a good job and by 5 I was ready to load it back onto the trailer and take it for paint.  Topher and I even got the start on hood pins (as the hood opens to the front; if we get mixed up with another car; the hood won’t open.  Thanks for the insight, Tom!).  I load all the stuff heading back to the house in the car and drive it around to the front.  As I am turning in the WT White parking lot (aggressively) the thing dies.  Kinda putters out and chokes to a standstill.  I try to turn it over, but something sounds very very wrong.  Get it back to the house (by pushing and gravity) and check spark, compression, fuel…everything is there.  We are defeated.  The car gets back on the trailer thanks to a running start and I head home bummed.  I decide it is probably a timing issue, so back in my garage I take the valve cover off.  I notice that the camshafts are nowhere near the correct timing at TDC so I take the cam pulleys off.  I didn’t even need my socket- the bolts were barely hand tight.  Apparently, I never torque’d the bots when I put the pulleys on.  Massive damage has been done to the engine.


All in all, I have wrecked one cam pulley and what appear to be 8 valves (4 exhaust, 4 intake).  I have the proper T-16 tool sitting at sears waiting for pickup to crack the head off again tonight.  I am going to make a parts list and get the order off tomorrow AM to thesaabsite.com.  I am crossing my fingers that it fires by Friday.  Stay tuned.



LG Motorsports does a great job.







If only the car ran as good as the decals look…..



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